Fellows Committee

  • Ross Stein, Chair (2017-2019), U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park
  • Tony Watts, ex officio (2017-2019), University of Oxford, U.K.
  • Julia Morgan (2017-2019), Rice University
  • Paul Wessel (2017-2019), University of Hawaii
  • Joann Stock (2017-2019), Caltech
  • Wayne Thatcher (2017-2019), USGS
  • Sean Willet (2017-2019), ETH Zurich

Jason Morgan Early Career Award Committee

  • Eric Kirby, Chair (2017-2019), Oregon State University
  • Julie Rowland (2018-2020), University of Auckland
  • Eric Dunham (2018-2020), Stanford University
  • Rob Govers (2018-2020), Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • Magali Billen (2018-2020), UC Davis

Nominations Committee

  • Roger Buck, Chair (2018-2020), LDEO
  • Michele Cooke (2018-2020), University of Massachusetts
  • Kelin Whipple (2018-2020), Arizona State University
  • Walter Mooney (2018-2020), USGS
  • Basil Tikoff (2017-2019), University of Wisconsin

Meetings Committees

Fall Meeting Program Committee

  • Andrew Schaeffer, Chair (2016-2019), University of Ottawa, Canada
  • Christine Regalla (2017-2020), Boston University
  • Chung-Han Chan (2018-2021), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Centennial and Communications Committee

  • Margarete Jadamec (2018-2019), SUNY Buffalo
  • Jay Patton (2018-2019),

Early Career Representative to Ex Comm

  • Kristin Morell (2017-2019), UC Santa Barbara

Graduate Student Representative to Ex Comm

  • Gabriel Lotto (2017-2019), Stanford University


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