Silver Award

Paul G. Silver Award for Outstanding Scientific Service

Established in 2011, the Paul G. Silver Award for Outstanding Scientific Service is given annually to recognize a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the fields of geodesy, seismology, or tectonophysics through mentoring of junior colleagues, leadership of community research initiatives, or other forms of unselfish collaboration in research.

Instructions for nominations can be found here.

Silver Award Recipients

  • Rob Reilinger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016
  • Robert Smith, University of Utah, 2015
  • Stephen Hickman, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, 2014
  • Julia Morgan, Rice University, 2013
  • Andrew Nyblade, Pennsylvania State University, 2012


To be eligible, candidates must be an AGU member with primary affiliation in the Seismology, Geodesy, or Tectonophysics section at the time of nomination. The evaluation of the candidates will be based on their contributions to the research and careers of junior scientists and/or the development of research programs and infrastructure that broadly benefit the scientific community. Any AGU member can nominate one or more candidates.

Nominations should be submitted by April 15 through the AGU website.

The nomination package should consist of the following items, each not to exceed two (2) pages in length:

  • Nomination letter;
  • Candidate’s curriculum vitae;
  • Candidate’s selected bibliography with a brief, introductory summary of publications; and
  • Up to three (3) additional supporting letters.

The nomination and supporting letters should address the scientist’s accomplishments, with particular attention to the quality and impact of their scientific service.

Silver Award Committee:  Geodesy, Seismology and Tectonophysics Section Presidents and President-elects

The Silver Award will be presented at the Fall AGU Meeting prior to one of the named lectures, either the Seismology Gutenberg Lecture, the Tectonophysics Birch Lecture, or the Geodesy Bowie Lecture.


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