AGU Fellows

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Tectonophysics Section Fellows

To be elected a Fellow of AGU is a special tribute for those who have made exceptional scientific contributions. Nominated Fellows must have attained acknowledged eminence in the Earth and space sciences. This designation is conferred upon not more than 0.1% of all AGU members in any given year. New Fellows are chosen by a Committee of Fellows.   AGU fellows with Tectonophysics as their primary or secondary affiliation are listed below:

Fellow Year of Election
David B. Rowley, USA 2018
Eli A. Silver, USA 2018
Pei-Zhen Zhang, China 2018
Donald F. Argus, USA 2018
Simon L. Klemperer, USA 2018
Wang-Ping Chen, USA 2017
Peter G. DeCelles, USA 2017
Claudio Faccenna, Italy 2017
Louis Moresi, USA 2017
Steven Roecker, USA 2017
Paul J. Tackley, USA 2017
Steven Constable, USA 2016
Uri ten Brink, USA 2016
Andrea Tommasi, France 2016
Kelin Wang, Canada 2016
Robert White, United Kingdom 2016
Sean Willett, Switzerland 2016
Charles Ammon, USA 2015
Thorsten Becker, USA 2015
Suzanne Carbotte, USA 2015
Fred Pollitz, USA 2015
Martha K Savage, New Zealand 2015
Yanbin Wang, USA 2015
Jean-Phillippe Avouac, USA 2014
Mathilde Cannat, France 2014
Teresa E Jordan, USA 2014
Peter O Koons, USA 2014
Shijie Zhong, USA 2014
Roland Burgmann, USA 2013
Cynthia J Ebinger, USA 2013
J Casey Moore, USA 2013
An Yin, USA 2013
Andrew J W Gleadow, Australia 2012
David Mainprice, France 2012
Tom Parsons, USA 2012
Tim A Stern, New Zealand 2012
Paul Wessel, USA 2012
Charles DeMets, USA 2011
Bradley R Hacker, USA 2010
Joann M Stock, USA 2010
Louise H Kellogg, USA 2010
W Roger Buck, USA 2009
Earl E Davis, Canada 2009
Kip V Hodges, USA 2009
Gilles Peltzer, USA 2009
Roberto Sabadini, Italy 2009
Roland von Huene, USA 2009
Emily E Brodsky, USA 2008
David S Chapman, USA 2008
Robert A Duncan, USA 2008
Greg Hirth, USA 2008
David D Pollard, USA 2007
Jun Korenaga, USA 2006
R Dietmar Mueller, Australia 2006
David W Scholl, USA 2006
Bruce A Buffett, USA 2005
Jerry X Mitrovica, USA 2005
David A Yuen, USA 2005
William E Holt, USA 2004
Roy D Hyndman, Canada 2004
Ernest H Rutter, United Kingdom 2004
Eugene Humphreys, USA 2003
Ian N S Jackson, Australia 2003
Leigh Royden, USA 2003
Sierd Cloetingh, The Netherlands 2002
David A Lockner, USA 2002
Reinhard Boehler, USA 2001
Gregory A Houseman, United Kingdom 2001
Richard N Hey, USA 2000
Zvi Ben-Avraham, Israel 1999
Adolphe A Nicolas, France 1999
Richard H Sibson, New Zealand 1999
Mark A Richards, USA 1998
Ross S Stein, USA 1998
Mark D Zoback, USA 1998
Peter Olson, USA, 1997
David A Bercovici, USA 1996
Philip C England, United Kingdom 1996
Jan Tullis, USA, 1996
Harry W Green, USA 1995
E Marc Parmentier, USA 1995
Jason Phipps-Morgan, USA 1995
Robert S Detrick, USA 1994
Jean-Paul Poirier, France 1994
Michael Gurnis, USA 1993
Stephen H Kirby, USA 1993
Joseph B Walsh, USA 1993
James D Byerlee, USA 1992
Geoffrey F Davies, Australia 1992
Wayne R Thatcher, USA 1992
Clement G Chase, USA 1991
Peter Bird, USA 1990
Paul Segall, USA 1990
James H Dieterich, USA 1989
B C Burchfiel, USA 1988
Marcia K McNutt, USA 1988
Robert G McQueen, USA 1988
Mary Lou C Zoback, USA 1987
Bradford H Hager, USA 1986
Charlotte E Keen, Canada, 1986
Mervyn S Paterson, Australia 1986
Richard J O’Connell, USA 1986
Richard P Von Herzen, USA 1985
Anthony B Watts, United Kingdom 1985
Xavier T Le Pichon, France 1985
Jean Francheteau, France 1984
John G Ramsay, France 1983
Donald W Forsyth, USA 1982
Kiyoo Mogi, Japan 1982
Christopher H Scholz, USA 1982
Thomas J Ahrens, USA 1982
Ernest R Oxburgh, United Kingdom 1981
John G Sclater, USA 1981
William A Bassett, USA 1979
James C Savage, USA 1978
John F Dewey, United Kingdom 1976
Bryan L Isacks, USA 1976
Arthur H Lachenbruch, USA 1976
Tanya M Atwater, USA 1975
Dan P McKenzie, United Kingdom 1975
Amos M Nur, USA 1974
Don L Anderson, USA 1973
C Barry Raleigh, USA 1973
Orson L Anderson, USA 1972
W Jason Morgan, USA 1972
George A Thompson, USA 1967
William F Brace, USA 1967
L Thomas Aldrich, USA 1962
Clarence R Allen, USA 1962


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