The Tectonophysics Section is highly interdisciplinary, with strong ties to other Sections including: Seismology, Geodesy, Planetary Sciences, Geomagnetism/Paleomagnetism, and Volcanology/Geochemistry/Petrology.

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- B. Grasemann, D. A. Schneider, A. Rogowitz

Tectonics, EarlyView. [...]

- Carlos H. Costa, Lindsay M. Schoenbohm, Benjamin A. Brooks, Carlos E. Gardini, Andrés D. Richard

Tectonics, EarlyView. [...]

- Q. Q. Qiao, J. D. A. Piper, B. C. Huang, M. J. Wu, S. B. Liao, S. Q. Fan

Tectonics, Volume 38, Issue 7, Page 2540-2554, July 2019. [...]