The Tectonophysics Section is highly interdisciplinary, with strong ties to other Sections including: Seismology, Geodesy, Planetary Sciences, Geomagnetism/Paleomagnetism, and Volcanology/Geochemistry/Petrology.

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- V. Monteleone, T.A. Minshull, H. Marin‐Moreno

Tectonics, Volume 0, Issue ja, -Not available-. [...]

- Megan E. Flansburg, Daniel F. Stockli, Eirini M. Poulaki, Konstantinos Soukis

Tectonics, Volume 0, Issue ja, -Not available-. [...]

- Yao Liang, Matthias Delescluse, Yan Qiu, Manuel Pubellier, Nicolas Chamot‐Rooke, Jun Wang, Xie Nie, Louise Watremez, Sung‐Ping Chang, Thibaud Pichot, Dimitri Savva, Florian Meresse

Tectonics, EarlyView. [...]