Fellows Committee

  • Ross Stein, Chair (2014-2016), U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park
  • Tony Watts, ex officio (2014-2016), University of Oxford, U.K.
  • Roger Buck (2014-2016), Columbia University
  • Roland Burgmann (2014-2016), University of California Berkeley
  • Cindy Ebinger (2014-2016), University of Rochester
  • Wiki Royden (2014-2016), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jason Morgan Early Career Award Committee

  • Tim Stern (Chair), Victoria University, New Zealand
  • Susan Baldwin, Syracuse University
  • Anne Davaille, CNRS France
  • Eric Kirby, Oregon State University
  • Kelin Wang, Pacific Geoscience Center, Geological Survey of Canada

Nominations Committee

  • Susan Beck, University of Arizona (Chair)
  • Thorsten Becker, University of Southern California
  • Dietmar Müller, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Basil Tikoff, University of Wisconsin

Meetings Committees

Fall Meeting

  • Jamie Kirkpatrick, McGill University, Canada (Chair)
  • Andrew Schaeffer, DIAS, Dublin, Ireland
  • Margarete Jadamec, University of Houston

Early Career Representative to Ex Comm

  • Rebecca Bell, Imperial College London

Graduate Student Representative to Ex Comm

  • Gabriel Lotto, Stanford University


Tectonics RSS Feed

- J. Collot, M. Patriat, S. Etienne, P. Rouillard, F. Soetaert, C. Juan, B. Marcaillou, G. Palazzin, C. Clerc, P. Maurizot, F. Pattier, E. Tournadour, B. Sevin, A. Privat

Classically, deepwater fold-and-thrust belts are classified in two main types, depending if they result from near- [...]

- J. Gillespie, S. Glorie, G. Jepson, Z. Y. Zhang, W. J. Xiao, M. Danišík, A. S. Collins

The easternmost Tianshan forms the eastern extremity of the modern Central Asian Orogenic Belt and represents a key [...]

- S. Iaccarino, C. Montomoli, R. Carosi, C. Montemagni, H.-J. Massonne, A. Langone, A. K. Jain, D. Visonà

A peculiar feature of the Himalaya is the occurrence of a system of low-angle-normal faults and shear zones, the So [...]