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  • Newsletter – November 2016

    Posted 11/10/16

    T-section Newsletter – November 2016 As we prepare for the 2016 Fall AGU meeting I thought I would update you on some developments in the Tectonophysics section. All change at the top My term as President will end at the end of December after which President-elect Ross Stein will take over. Having worked closely with […]


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- C. Grützner, R. T. Walker, K. E. Abdrakhmatov, A. Mukambaev, A. J. Elliott, J. R. Elliott

The Zailisky Alatau is a >250-km-long mountain range in Southern Kazakhstan. Its northern rangefront around the [...]

- Grant W. Lowey

Yokelson et al. (2015) present U-Pb and Hf isotope analyses of detrital zircons from the Gravina belt showing that [...]

- Kai Liu, Jinjiang Zhang, Simon A. Wilde, Shiran Liu, Feng Guo, Sergey A. Kasatkin, Vladimir V. Golozoubov, Maohui Ge, Meng Wang, Jiamin Wang

The Sikhote-Alin orogenic belt in Russian Far East is comprised of several N-S trending belts, including the Late J [...]